March 30, 2014

Recent Web Sightings

     Women I photographed at Dubrow's Cafeteria and other places in the 1970s keep surfacing on websites. The latest is a portrait of Rose who was picked to represent the essence of Women's History Month by the Brooklyn Historical Society. As I remember Rose was a lively 82 year old on a Sunday afternoon outing to Dubrow's.  A Russian grandmother, part of the influx of Jewish immigrants to Brighton Beach that I documented in the 70s, is seen at a Hanukah party with her grandchildren on the Historical Society's blog.
     Not to say that Neal Shapiro's mother doesn't have fabulous taste, "She loved Coney Island and Ebbets Field"but when he asked WNET viewers to share treasured memories for the upcoming Brooklyn Best documentary I couldn't help but think that memories of Dubrow's Cafeteria just had to be included. It seems a reporter from the Daily News, who reached out to me, felt the same about the Dubrow's 'regulars'.

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Robert said...

This is a pretty cool site. I think I remember you. Never knew you took photos. And Dubrow's was definitely the place to capture personalities on film! Have you posted any more pictures from Dubrow's and Kings Hwy?